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The Laws of the Universe and the Bible: A Practical Guide to Abundant Living "To know and understand the energy laws ofthe universe is to know and understand a littlemore the mind of our Creator" - Lori Kostenuk

Book available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters/Indigo, Google, eBay, Booktopia, MicroSoft Store

Publisher:  Balboa Press,
a Division of Hay House Inc. 

Announcement: My book in now in audible format. Download a copy here

An inspiring read, establishing a deep connection with the reader; this book showed me how to

put faith into everyday life in order to better fulfill my life’s purpose. Applying the laws of the

universe brought me even closer to my God, my wife, my friends, and my own being."

- Sheldon Jordan, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Edmonton, AB

I took way longer than a person would expect to read your book, but I was absorbing it and thinking deeply about what I was reading. It is probably the most enlightening book next to the bible I have ever read!! It did make me feel like I have a long way to go to get where I want to be spiritually, but I have some tools now! So thank you!

- Rosanne Christie - Calgary, AB

This book is definitely a life changer because of the truth it contains. It can't be emphasized enough how powerful our thoughts are... learning how to re-think what we want to attract into our life. This book will take you deeper into understanding how to really make these powerful laws work in your own life.

- Joan Fair Gardner - Langley, BC

Thank you for giving our Book Club a book to study that uplifted and inspired each one of us.

- GB , Kamloops, BC

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