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Laws of the Universe and the Bible:

A Practical Guide for Abundant Living


About the Book


To know and understand the energy laws of the universe is to know and understand a little more of the mind of our Creator. My purpose in penning this book is to share with you what our family has learned of this metaphysical bridge that connects the spiritual with the mental and physical sides of our lives – a fusion that completes the whole being of who we are. We all have the power, through faith, to raise our consciousness to new elevated heights where liberty, love, peace, health, and joy reign.


You will learn what practical steps to take in a normal day that will increase your faith or consciousness so that fear turns into trust, depression into liberation, anxiety and stress into rest, lack and limitations into abundance on all levels. What would it mean to you if you could have power over your negative thoughts, or to actualize what you desire in your reality? You will learn how to tap into this universal flow that our Creator has provided for our every day health, healing, and living... the healing leaves on the tree of life, if you will, which is available to all people of all nations. You will come to understand that you have a measure of power over your external world by learning to tap into your internal world.



Who will benefit from the book?


  • Anyone who wants to proactively rise to a higher level  of consciousness or faith in order to attract more abundance and flow into his/her reality on all levels.






Lori Kostenuk - Author

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