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January 2024 - Understanding the Laws of the Universe - Join our 11-workshop series beginning February 24, 2024 until December 2024, one hour per month. If you enjoy this intro video, then you are welcome to register (on the link at the bottom of the opened video) for this free series with a one-time $15 registration fee. Enjoy!

October 2023 - A real and raw conversation with Laura Merjaneh.... tapping into the universal energy laws for health, healing, and abundance on every level.

February 2023 - Overcoming Fear, with Lori Kostenuk. A conversation about learning how to overcome fear. We can use fear to either propel us forward into new opportunities or allow fear to paralyze us in place.

December 2022 - What would it take to grow? A conversation with Jaime White, Believe Crew - discussion on learning how to intentionally create your outer world by tapping into your inner world.

Lori Kostenuk - Author

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