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"This book is definitely a life changer because of the truth it contains. It can't be emphasized enough how powerful our thoughts are... learning how to re-think what we want to attract into our life. This book will take you deeper into understanding how to really make these powerful laws work in your own life."

- Joan Gardner - Langley, BC

"An inspiring read, establishing a deep connection with the reader; this book showed me how to

put faith into everyday life in order to better fulfill my life’s purpose. Applying the laws of the

universe brought me even closer to my God, my wife, my friends, and my own being."

- Sheldon Jordan, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Edmonton

"I took way longer than a person would expect to read your book, but I was absorbing it and thinking deeply about what I was reading. It is probably the most enlightening book next to the bible I have ever read!! It did make me feel like I have a long way to go to get where I want to be, but I have some practical tools now! So thank you!"

- Rosanne Christie - Calgary, AB

"Thank you for giving our Book Club a book to study that uplifted and inspired each one of us."

- GB

".....Her prose is clear and accessible, and the many family stories she puts forward as examples of mentally directed energy should be captivating for readers who already believe their faith can move mountains. An intriguing—if overreaching—attempt to align biblical teaching with subatomic particles."

- Kirkus Indie Reviews

"I just got your book and started reading it, and it is exactly what I need to read. I spent most of the night reading and thinking about what you had to say. So many things in there that I need to take to heart and start practicing. I feel there needs to be some major changes in my thinking in order to get out of this place I am in right now. Thanks for the inspiration you have been to some of us... trying to believe really hard that I can get close to the place where I want to be."

- Sharon, NSW

"I appreciate your very helpful and positive book. Thanks for writing it. My daughter bought it for me, so I read it first. I struggle with so much trust and faith, I'm sad to say. It sure helped to read your book... a nudge in the right direction. Thank you."

- D. B., New Mexico

"Before reading your book, I blamed others for where I was in life. After reading the book, I realized that I was actually attracting this negative stuff into my life by my thoughts and the vibes I was sending out. I thought I was a victim, but I now know I was a creator. I now take full responsibility for my life and what happens to me, and am empowered now to shift my thinking to create the life I never thought possible."

- CmC

"Hi Lori! I'm reading your book and it's making SO much sense to me!! Thank you for writing it! Mom has read it and told me I should read it and it's AWESOME!!!!!!"

- Sara, AB

"Over the past 5 years I have been slowly learning the foundation principals of belief and trust. That they are so much more than I have perceived them to be. This book was mentioned in passing by a friend. I knew it wasn’t a coincidence- it is exactly what I needed to tie together a lifetime of head knowledge with what my heart has been telling me. You are sharing of your abundance through the creator Lori, thank you. I have been enriched heart, mind and soul."

- reader

"I was so excited to start reading your book, but then was disappointed to find that you referenced the King James Version instead of a more recent version like the ESV."

- L.S., Chilliwack, BC

Response: "My preference was to use a more recent version in today's language where more people could understand. However, my publisher advised that the KJV was the version I could reference without running into copyright legalities, as it falls under public domain."

"My mother suggested I read this book so I could use the tools provided in here to help me navigate some new major changes in my life with clarity and joy. I have put some of these things into practice and am overjoyed with the outcome! Thank you Lori for putting this into simple words that I can follow and understand!"

- Amazon Customer

"I just wanted to let you know that I read your book and it is helping me deal with some bad anxiety. I didn’t quite finish it before I left home and went back to university, but it gave me some pretty good exercises to do. Congrats on all the success with it!"

- J.T. - Sask

"I always knew innately that God was love, and not all about judgment. Thanks for reminding me of that."

- John M., B.C.

To share your successes, comments or review on the book, please share here. Thank you.

"Your book was a gift well received, thanks!"

- Kate Epp

"Great book to help understanding"

- Damaris S. Mansfield

"I've been working my way through your book. I had a rather awful morning yesterday. However, using what I learned from your book, I was able to separate my morning events from the rest of the day with a changed mindset, and really enjoy the afternoon. Just wanted to thank you for being in your place, and writing the book. It has certainly been a help to me."

- D.B., AB

I've read your book! Fabulously written. It was the best read, in my opinion... very well written. Nice job!

- K. S., - Washington

"Hey, your book is about the power of positive thoughts/beliefs, not some new doctrine that I thought it might be! I loved reading about your family and lessons learned!"

- Dennis M., Alberta

"Very inspiring book! A wonderful read!"

- Anonymous, Barnes & Noble customer

"Easy to understand. Written from own experience. Create the world you want by using the laws described in this book. All glory to God."

-Pieter, Amazon reader

"I loved this book which I borrowed from a friend. After reading it I immediately ordered one of my own and another for a friend who I know will love it. This book just made so much sense to me, and I loved that every chapter was backed up by scripture. Thanks, Lori, for writing a wonderful book that will be so helpful to so many people."

- reader

"I only wanted to say thank you so much Lori for putting this book available for me. As I started to read your Foreword in your book, I couldn't hold my tears. It wasn't long until I read "if you feel light when reading and words resonate with you, then that specify message is true for you" (xiv). Everything I have read so far is true. I am only in chap1 but I can't wait to finish reading your book.
I am a Christian and was recently introduced to the universal law by my own curiosity of reading. I struggled to reconcile the bible and the law of the universe. But I was certain that the law of the universe is true. I am now practicing it. It helps me
a lot with my anxiety. I wish I knew this before.
God Bless you"

ndudika mukendi, U.K.

"Law of attraction and believers in Jesus Christ to find a common ground in this new trending topic.

This book is really amazing. I loved your writing style and halfway through the book I got up and cleaned my room and donated 3 bags of clothes to the goodwill, the book was very inspiring and I think you made some amazing points. However I wish you would’ve spoke more about relationships and also gone more in depth about law of detachment. Never the less this was a great, easy read and I do appreciate your work. I hope this review inspires you too write more books because I would love to purchase more books with bible verses. I believe it’s a great way to know more of God’s word without getting confused since we all know the Bible can be very difficult to read. Anyways I included some really great and some of my favorite parts of the book, this is deff a must buy and this is coming from someone who has read over 6-10 law of attraction watched millions of videos on law of attraction and bible and this book covers ALOT. Thankyou again"

- OMQ, reader

"Very very helpful, thank you! The combining of the scriptures opened up an avenue of endless thought with the laws of the universe."

- kdee, reader


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