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Laws of the Universe and the Bible

A Practical Guide to Abundant Living





I felt humbled when I first set out to write this book. Where do I begin to tell of my own experience of what our family has gleaned from our great Creator and His marvelous ways? To know and understand the energy laws of the universe is to know and understand a little more of the mind of our Creator. My purpose in penning this book is to share with you what I have learned of this metaphysical bridge that connects the spiritual side of our life with the mental and physical sides of our lives—a fusion that completes our whole being.


Our third son was in his teens when he was completely overwhelmed with seemingly irrational fear and anxiety. My husband’s first response was, “Pick up your socks and get over it!” My maternal response was more sympathetic. I talked to our son about the importance of having positive thoughts. We researched the Internet and downloaded a few positive-thinking programs, only to see him continue to spiral downhill. He was confident, attractive, and popular at school, so we were dumbfounded. If God could create such a magnificent universe, then surely He would provide healing for His creation within it. I was familiar with Revelation 22:2, which tells us that God provided “healing for the nations” from the leaves of the tree of life. The healing leaves are available to all people of all nations, whereas the fruit[1] of the tree of life is reserved for the overcomers.[2]

“In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations” (Revelation 22:2).


During the same time period, a girlfriend and I met up in Montreal for a few days. A double-degree high school teacher, she shared with me her current side work, which involved energy healing using universal laws. I was intrigued. Afterward, the long-distance process of our son’s healing began. Over the course of one year, we watched a miracle slowly take place before our eyes. Our son learned how to speak a new language, how to develop a new thought process, and how to apply and flow with the laws that are already in place, instead of fighting against them unawares. This was my family’s first introduction to energy healing using these laws.


Now, three years later, our son is truly abundant. He creates his reality at will. His abundance does not come on account of his human ego but from learning to apply these universal laws to his day-to-day life. Now in his senior year as an engineering major, he lives each day in amazement at what shows up as a result of his new perspective and reality. It is thrilling to see him so high on life yet so well-grounded.


Does God care about all sides of our lives? Many of us Christians feel that God is only interested in the spiritual side of our lives or in that which affects the spiritual side. However, the spiritual, mental, and physical planes interpenetrate each other, and according to the hermetic law of correspondence, a situation on one of these levels shows up on the other two.[3]  We will come to understand that we have a measure of power over our external world by learning how to tap into our inner world.  Therefore, our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. The rules of each universal law are applied the same on all three planes. The higher plane of consciousness will always overcome a lower plane, meaning that a small amount of mental energy will always overcome a larger amount of physical energy.


We enter the physical plane of consciousness when we are born into this world. This is the three-dimensional world around us that we see, smell, touch, taste, and hear. Most people do not move beyond this plane. The human ego thoughts, emotions, and logic rule at this level.


We enter into the mental plane as we rise in consciousness, and become aware of our greater being, or our soul’s divine intelligence, within us. We understand that we have a measure of power over our physical world, and we learn to move beyond our ego thoughts and emotions. We become in tune with our inner guidance system, which includes our conscience, intuition, and “gut feeling.”


As we further rise in consciousness and faith, we enter the spiritual plane, where we feel the blessing of God’s love, peace, and joy. With it comes the other fruit of the Spirit, namely, compassion, humility, selflessness, and endurance. At this level, we are aware of the promptings of the Holy Spirit, leading us toward truth and love.

The higher our faith or consciousness on the spiritual plane, the less interest we have in creating or focusing on the lower planes. The lower planes will take care of themselves, as we do not attach the negative lower energies to them that would otherwise cause our focus to remain there. I will talk more about this throughout the book.

As you will come to understand, our energy is not confined to our physical bodies. Have you ever felt someone watching you from across a crowded room? Have you ever felt someone sneaking up on you? Have you ever felt someone’s sadness? If you have, then what you felt was that person’s energy vibration.

One time in the middle of the night, I awoke abruptly and sat up in bed with a dark, heavy feeling of doom and gloom, like nothing I had ever experienced before. I mentally ran through my list of family members to make sure that they were all where they were supposed to be. Our oldest child was with my husband visiting in the Ukraine, and the three other children were safely sleeping in their beds. What on earth was this feeling all about? A few minutes later, my husband called me to announce that he and our son had just been robbed in a Kiev subway. Wow, I had felt that negative energy from across the world, from the Ukraine to Canada!

I want to share with you how this book came to be. One afternoon, as I was unpacking boxes in my basement, a young Christian lady’s face kept appearing to me, almost to the point of annoyance. I spoke aloud to God, “Please make it obvious to me if you want me to connect with her.” In short, she ended up in the next town, in the same building that I was in, all alone, and in front of me the very next day. How does it get any more obvious than that?

It turns out that this dear young woman was praying that someone would help her in her desperation. Outwardly, she appeared to be confident and happy. Inwardly, she was plagued with fears and anxiety. She burst into tears when I told her of my vision in the basement. Thus began our journey together. I could tell that she, because of her weakened spiritual state, was not yet ready to hear about energy and vibration, so I researched the Scriptures, seeking a biblical language I could use. I knew that these universal laws must be recorded somewhere in the Bible, because of their obvious significance in daily life that even we experienced with our son. As I had expected, all of the laws are in the Bible, so I now have a compilation of Scripture that coincides with each energy law that we worked with.


Since then, I have been drawn to others in similar situations, and the results have been very inspiring. “How come I didn’t know about this?” is the common response. Yet some of us are very familiar with most of these Scriptures, but we just tend to spiritualize these verses, not realizing that they were meant for all facets of our lives, because we are one being. It was laid upon my heart to record my findings into something accessible for others. I had no idea if this meant an online book or a blog, so I asked God to please make it obvious to me if I was supposed to write a book. Later that afternoon while I was working at my desk, Balboa Press, A Division of Hay House came floating across my computer screen in bold letters. Who was I to question now? The process of writing this book began to unfold seamlessly.

I do not believe that God intended us to use these universal laws just to create a meaningful and joyful life on the lower planes. No, I believe He provided these laws as a learning tool on the physical plane to help us understand how to increase our faith in matters that concern the heart and soul as we rise in consciousness.

“I have spoken to you of earthly things and you do not believe; how then will you believe if I speak of heavenly things?” (John 3:12)

Is Jesus suggesting that belief must first begin on the lower earthly plane of consciousness before we can ascend to higher faith into the spiritual plane?

I have talked to a number of fellow Christians and others who seem to have at least one family member who struggles with depression, anxiety, stress, or fear. The spiritual advice that is given to these struggling folks most often is just to continue to read, pray, and have faith. This is great advice, but what does it really mean in our practical everyday life, the stresses of which can be overwhelming and all-consuming? How do we actually increase our faith so we stop fearing or stressing? We all know that perfect love casts out fear. If we love God, then why do we still have certain negative thoughts that just bring on more fear, stress, and worry?

I would like to share with you some practical steps you can take in a normal day to increase your faith, to deepen your love, to turn fear into trust, to have power over your negative thoughts, and to actualize what you desire in your reality on all planes, to name a few. Please understand that the focus of this book is not about salvation or redemption. Rather, it is about tapping into the universal flow that God has provided for our everyday health, healing, and living—the leaves on the tree of life, if you will.

As you read this book, you may find that parts of it jump out at you. You might have an “aha” moment as a light bulb goes on. If you feel light when reading and the words resonate with you, then that specific message is true for you. However, if you read a sentence or a paragraph that gives you a heavy and uncomfortable feeling, then those words are not true for you. Be aware of whether you are reacting emotionally (with the ego) or energetically (with intuition, gut feeling, lightness, and heaviness). Try to get a feel for your own energy as you read. Tune out logic, the ways you have always looked at things, and the things you have always believed. Listen to your energy and trust it. Whatever resonates with you energetically will be true for you.

My hope is that my story helps anyone who suffers in silence and wonders why God is allowing this, as well as for anyone who wants to proactively rise to new levels of faith or higher consciousness in order to attract more abundance into life experiences. I have even included a bit of science for the doubters. It is my hope that your understanding and application of these universal laws will propel you forward to live abundantly by choice.


[1] Galatians 5:22–23

[2] Revelation 2:7

[3] Kybalion, 1908. For more information, go to


Lori Kostenuk - Author

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