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the power of intention

Lynne McTaggert, a scientific investigative journalist, conducted an intention study, in partnership with the University of Arizona, using seeds. The goal was to see what would happen if a large group of people had the same thought at the same time. The scientists in Arizona prepared four sets of trays with freshly planted seeds. They took a photograph of each of the four labelled trays and sent them to Lynne, who was facilitating an intention study in Australia at the time. Someone from her audience chose one of the four trays randomly, and the audience sent intention for growth to the seeds in that particular tray in the photograph. Meanwhile, the scientists back in Arizona, who did not know which tray was selected, measured growth every five days on the four trays which were all treated the same.

Fascinating results emerged. In short, the targeted tray where the seeds were sent intention by the audience had the greatest growth. The plants were healthier and/or taller than the non-targeted plants. For detailed Germination experiment results, please click on this link.

I also found it interesting that it didn't matter how big or small the audience was who sent intention, it was those who had the most intention experience that made the biggest difference. The groups who were practiced in the use of intention saw the greatest growth in their targeted tray of seeds. It is also interesting to note that intention was not sent in the same room to the physical tray of seeds, but from halfway around the world to a photograph of the physical object. Distance was irrelevant. Focus was the key.

Intention is the seed that creates the future

How do we set an effective intention? Intention isn't something that we do, but something that we connect to, a power greater than ourselves. God (some people call him Universe, Source, Father, Presence etc) intended this world into being. Since we are made in His image, we also intend our world into being through our thoughts and focus. We are sending out intentions unconsciously all the time, whether we know it or not. What shows up in our lives is what we have consciously or unconsciously intended, or what others have intended for their lives which may intersect with ours.

Because we are here on earth, we are connected with this higher power whether we want to be or not. God intended us here, just like he intended an avocado seed or a mountain lion. So, the question isn't really about whether we are connected, but rather how close or strong is the connection link. Some call this link our conscience. We were all born with this conduit/channel. Some links are a little more strong than others...

Proverbs 20:27 - The spirit (conscience) of man is the lamp of the Lord, searching and examining all the innermost parts of his being. (AMP version)

The stronger we trust in this connecting power, the more power available to us to intentionally intend. Does that make sense? How do we become practiced in the use of intention or to consciously intend? The process is simple, but the application takes practice.

1. Set an intention... Visualize your intention/goal/desire in a quiet moment, feel it, then send it off into the unknown, with the understanding that what is best will show up. Needy, must-have emotion will repel the very thing you are trying to attract. Repeat your visualization over and over, with the feeling or belief that you have already received it. Memorize that feeling.

2. Believe that your intention has been taken care of with total trust in the outcome. This is the toughest part where so many fail. Trusting, believing! Believe that what is best will show up at the right time, or something greater... never something less than your request, unless your unconscious intentions are stronger than your conscious intentions. If this is the case, then start with a small intention... trust, believe, receive, then work your way up to something which takes a bit more belief when you're ready. We need to learn to trust in the small things before we can trust in more important matters.

3. Act on the little or big inspirations that then come. Example - you might set the intention for a new job. Don't be surprised if you then get fired or laid off from your existing job. Let it happen! You are now forced to make a change. You might get the inspiration to call someone, pick up a pencil, or look up a certain company on the internet, or someone may call leading you to further action... ACT on these little inspirations.

4. Give gratitude. The more you give thanks to God, the more you will have to be thankful for.... positive spiral. By giving gratitude to him, you are acknowledging that all things come from him.

In my book, I speak about how my son learned how to change his thought processes and belief systems in order to create his own world through targeted intention. There was a huge difference in the strength of his divine connection link from the time he started university to the time he finished. In his last semester, he went home one day from a grueling mid-term exam while pulling an all-nighter studying the night before. He was exhausted, and all he wanted to do was sleep. He called me at 8:30 pm that night after the exam, groaning that he was shut up in his walk-in closet trying to sleep because there were 30 people in his living room (he had other roommates) and the music was blasting through the building. Knowing what all he had learned about power of intention/prayer, I said to him, "Well, you know what to do to change that." He agreed, and called me back several minutes later. He told me that had set an intention/prayer for peace and quiet, then thanked God for taking care of it, with total trust in the outcome. The music had stopped almost immediately after he sent his intention. By the time he got up out of his closet and opened the bedroom door, he saw the last of the crowd filing out of the apartment. One of his roommates was left standing there wondering what had just happened.

This type of thing happens regularly for him. There are no coincidences, just synchronicities when we trust in the intention process. Often when he was running short on student funds, he would set the intention for money to show up somehow (never involving himself in the HOW it would show up, just the WHAT would show up). Within hours or days, he would either get a call or a letter from the school or private sector funding, stating that he won a scholarship or grant. He would have acted on previous inspirations in the past to apply for these scholarships. Always act on inspirations, which come from our intuition (gut feeling), not emotions. You just never know what might show up when you need it.

When you're trusting, you're not stressing. Your level of trust or believing in the outcome determines whether or not your targeted intention will manifest or actualize, and just how quickly. Someone might say to me in response to all of this, "Well, if that's how you create with intention, what is stopping me from setting the intention for $5,000,000 to show up?" My response would be.... Firstly, you probably wouldn't have the faith to believe that that much would show up. You might want to start with an amount you can easily believe. Secondly, If you did have the faith to believe that $5,000,000 would show up, you probably wouldn't ask for such excess. The more powerful your connection link is, the more selfless you become. High ego and high faith/trust do not go together. Thirdly, be careful what you ask for. "And He gave them their request, But sent leanness into their soul." Psalms 106:15 NKJV.

To summarize, the secret recipe for actualizing an intention is to be happy and content with who you are in the present moment, while maintaining a specific desire, focus, or goal. Trust. When you feel so whole and complete that you no longer care whether it will happen, that is when amazing things will come together for you. Stay focused! Believe! Trust the process!

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