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The Power of Belief

Is it true that what we believe about ourselves is exactly what is showing up in our life right now? If so, then does it make sense that if we want something different to show up in our life, then our beliefs must change to match what we desire? "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he...". Proverbs 23:7. If we believe we are depressed, poor, or sick, then so we must be.

Changing our beliefs is more than just having a positive thought or intention. Creating a new belief = intention + having the elevated emotion that your intention has materialized already. "Ask, believe that you have received it, and it shall be yours" Mark 11:24. This is why living in the state of gratitude is so powerful. We usually feel thankful when we have received something. Therefore, mustering up the feeling of gratitude helps us increase our level of belief so we can create new.

What do you believe about yourself right now? Are you just surviving in life, or are you thriving? Are you living in an elevated state of consciousness where you experience life with joy and ease, or do you feel you are a victim of circumstances? Or, perhaps you feel that you are getting just what you deserve, based on your past mistakes? What if you were told that you could change all that and create your world through the power of new thought/intention/belief? After all, were we not created after the image of our own Creator who created through thought?

I like to think of a cruise ship leaving North America for the shores of Australia. It doesn't matter whether someone is staying in the dark and gloomy cargo hold, or whether they are enjoying the hospitality of the upper decks, everyone on that ship will reach Australia. In this journey of life, why would we ever choose to live life in a dark and gloomy unhappy place, when we have access to the upper levels of consciousness (faith) where we can enjoy the beauty of life, freedom from emotional and mental bondage, which gives us lightness and liberation of energy? Are our negative thoughts keeping us in this dark cargo hold? Our Creator would like to raise us up out of the depths of despair to enjoy his wonderful hospitality in the upper levels where there is endless space, beauty, and liberation. Are you just enduring life while impatiently waiting to get to the shore? Or, are you enjoying life along the way as was intended... "...I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly" John 10:10

What is the answer then? How do we rise out of the lower to the upper decks so that we can enjoy the journey? Simply put, we must believe it before we can see or achieve it. Raise our thoughts and beliefs to match what we desire, as if we have already achieved them. In quantum physics, our intention/desire/prayer is the electric charge we send out. Our level of belief (energy), expressed through our heartfelt emotions, is the magnetic charge which draws the experience to us. The two must match in order to attract the intended experience into our life. If we send out an intention or prayer, yet do not really believe it will manifest, then the doubting or fearful lower emotion will actually attract a lower experience similar to its energy instead of to the original well-intended prayer.

You may feel that you have managed these two steps correctly to change a belief in order to create (intention + elevated heartfelt emotion) yet nothing seems to be changing or manifesting. Now comes the real tough part.... TRUST. Step back now and trust that your petition has been taken care of, or that something even better will show up. Your ego may want to get in there and try to force solutions or manipulate situations. Just get beyond yourself and surrender to the process of the greater mind. This does not mean you do nothing after you set an intention. Rather, it means that you act on inspirations that come which will flow naturally. If you feel you have to try and force solutions, you are not trusting or surrendering. Therefore, you will not attract what is best for you.

In summary, set your intention, feel that heartfelt emotion of gratitude as if you have already received it, then just trust the process. If you can do that, then your request or what is best for you will show up. How do you know if you are trusting the process? You will know you are trusting if you are not worried, fearful, or anxious. Remember, you are a creator. Whatever is showing up in your world, you have created it, good or bad, based on the magnetic charge you are sending out via your emotional energy. This does not mean that bad things won't happen beyond your control or that tough times won't come, but rather, you will choose to use those experiences to propel you higher up into the upper decks of increased consciousness or faith where you can create new. Focus on matching your emotions with your intentions, then trust in the magic that follows.

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