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Exposure is here. Now what?

- by Lori Kostenuk, Author

The energy law of vibration states that what we focus on will expand and what we resist will persist. I think most of us can agree that the more we focus on our goals, the greater chance there is of those goals being realized. This also works the same way in the negative sense. The more we focus on our worries and fears, the more those worries and fears will expand to create more worries and fears, and the greater chance of having them being realized.

What consumes our focus these days? The New World Order agenda? Corrupt governments and judicial systems? Widespread human trafficking? Satanism being exposed among the elite? Crimes against children? Crimes against humanity? Food shortages? Crime? Racism? Climate disaster looming? Central Bank Digital Currency? Transgenderism? Transhumanism? Ukraine/Russia war? biolabs? adreno labs? deadly pathogens? This stuff definitely needs to be exposed for all to see what has been going on for generations. Now that it is being exposed as we speak, now what? What is our role going forward?

What can we do as individuals (who have an awareness) that would make a difference if all systems around us are corrupt? Perhaps the most meaningful thing we can do now is STOP FOCUSING ON ALL THE NEGATIVITY, lest we bring more of it on. Focus on what we WANT, not on what we DON'T WANT. Focusing on what we fear is like setting an intention/praying for what we do not want. In the book of Job in the Old Testament, he went through some crazy pain and suffering, lost his family and his wealth. The very thing he feared came upon him. Did he attract his suffering through his worries and fear? What came first?

"For the thing I greatly feared has come upon me, And what I dreaded has happened to me." - Job 3:25

What finally turned things around for Job was when he took his focus off of himself/his problems, and put his attention on others/elsewhere.

"And the LORD turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends; also the LORD gave Job twice as much as he had before." - Job 42:10

Contrary to my list above of negative current events, there are a lot of good things happening in the world. Humanity is coming together. People are waking up to the corruption and evil plan for humanity. There is a new honest asset-backed financial system running in the shadows alongside the SWIFT fiat system, waiting to emerge when the time is right. Good shadow governments, orchestrating in the background, are waiting to step forward, patiently allowing these current fraudsters, posing as our political leaders, to implode themselves. People need to see what the plan was for themselves. The alarm for the globalist agenda has been sounded for at least two decades. Those who tried to warn were called "conspiracy theorists". So now, people are seeing for themselves the corruption and evil intent. That is all a part of the global awakening.

I follow some pretty amazing liberal and conservative citizen investigative journalists on Twitter and Telegram, who obviously have a lot of influence with their followers, in some cases, hundreds of thousands of followers. In order to be effective, they have to keep one step ahead of their followers in what they investigate and post. RIght now, the focus of many seem to be on the exposure of our politicians/elites and their nefarious activities. This was/is needful. Thank you. Even though the exposure has only just begun, it would be refreshing now to see a gradual shift of focus into the good of what is going on. Why? So we can put our energy into what we DO want to create instead of what we DON'T want. The more we focus on the good, the sooner it will be realized. The more we focus on the corruption, the more we expand the fear, which in turn gives the elites more power. When we fear, we hand over our power. Perhaps one reason the globalists have no trouble telling us their plans is because they NEED to keep us in fear and worry, so we are controllable.

For those interested, below are a few positive things we can research to help raise the vibe and quicken the pace for the demise of these fraudsters and their systems..

  1. The new gold/silver asset-based financial system - research Tier 1 banks Basel IV compliance (asset-backed), deadline January 1, 2023. We will hear more of banks closing their doors due to lack of compliance and de-registering, some even filing for bankrupcy now that the dust has settled and they are short on capital that is now required; Watch BRICS (asset-backed economies) with many countries waiting in line to join (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Argentina, Iran). What will asset-backed economies mean for the air-backed fiat currencies, the petrodollar? BRICS countries such as Saudi Arabia and China are already trading oil with the Chinese Yuan now instead of the previously agreed upon petrodollar. This is huge. The way to take out the corrupt players is to take away their corrupt source of power... the fiat. It's happening, folks... slowly but surely. (Note - this asset-backed system is not the same as the WEF-inspired Central Bank Digital Currency). Under the new system, income tax will be eliminated. A bill abolishing the IRS was just put forward in the USA Congress in January 2023.... the beginning of payback for the people. We will see new cash, a few crypto coins recognized by Tier 1 banks (watch XLM stellar and XRP which the baddies are trying to keep suppressed). I hear good and bad things about Bitcoin... not sure where it stands now as far as being part of the new system. Many crypto coins will go down. Many have already.

  2. Ukraine/Russia/NATO warfare - For geniune reporting on the war, it might be good to follow some flesh and blood digital soldiers who have an awareness on all levels. I am hesitant to list names here, lest there are trolls reading this post. PM me if interested in names to follow.

  3. There is a good military alliance fighting behind the scenes on behalf of the people, with top generals at its head. This worldwide alliance is doing the heavy lifting behind the scenes such as taking down criminals/systems, orchestrating/allowing the scenes where the corrupt players implode themselves, exposing the traffickers and satanists, rescuing children, processing criminals at military tribunals. Lots of flight activity going to and from the Trump-era-expanded Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp (which some of us refer to as the 'southern spa'). Many original players have been taken out, even though doubles are put back in their place to keep the gravy train going. That will soon end with the new asset-backed system when their fiat money is worthless. No point in keeping that movie alive then.

  4. There are new education systems in the works based around child-centered learning. I have been pretty lucky to be invited to bring a few new curriculum ideas forward.

  5. Health care - As we watch big Pharma implode, we will see the emergence of new natural energy health centers. So much health and healing technology has been suppressed over the decades so big Pharma can keep their gravy train going. We will see a massive shift in healthcare going forward where there is actual healing by increasing the frequency of the body so it can heal itself. We are "fearfully and wonderfully made". God made allowances for our health and healing which did not include big Pharma.

In order to be useful in an exciting time such as this, we must go forward from here with an open mind. We must be open to unlearning much of what we learned in history, science, geography, etc. Organized religion, education systems, political 'science', wars, have all been designed to keep us stuck in a fearful 3D world where we do not explore our own God-given powers to rise in frequency. Many truths have been uncovered already, and we will see many more truth bombs going forward. We will definitely be shocked, even those of us who think we know what is going on. However, we must use this time now to increase our own vibes, learn to trust our gut-guidance, because people are going to need our calm influence in a big way in the very near future.

Remember, we are creators of our world... we are made in the image of the Almighty Creator, where we create by our thoughts, words, which lead to actions. We create by what we intentionally or unintentionally focus on. Our individual energy is powerful. Imagine our collective energy when we focus on a new world, what we want to see in our world.. Whenever we find ourselves fearing the future, step back, turn our focus to expanding what we want to see magnified. The more we focus on the good, the more it will expand, and the quicker it will manifest. Remember. all is not as it appears. We are in a spiritual warfare of good and evil. We 99% are so much more powerful than the 1% when we focus our energy together on the good. It is beautiful to see the established corrupt systems around us imploding. How did we get so lucky to witness this from front row seats? Stand firm, establish your focus, and enjoy the show without fear, my friends. So much power is on our side. This is a great time to be alive.


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