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...nothing is impossible unless you think it is

by Lori Kostenuk

Before I begin, I want to remind my readers just how powerful you are the way you were created. Your potential is limitless as you learn to tap into the universal power flow within you. Remember, nothing is impossible until you believe it is. Faith is power.

With all the global noise and division over the last 3 years, an interesting global agenda seemed to publicly emerge. The commonly known Great Reset or One World Order, launched by the WEF and friends, has hopes to ultimately achieve transhumanism, the fusion of our physical, digital, and biological identities. Transhumanism (also known as Cyborgs, Human 3.0) seems to be the new word on the block. I am not here to debate the merits of being able to download a language into our brains and then speak it immediately with a digital keystroke, or to be tracked and traced by the government, or to argue the benefits of having our thoughts controlled by the grid with this fusion. I am also not here to debate whether this agenda is true or a conspiracy theory. We have to assume it is true, because world leaders/influencers are openly telling us what they plan to do…. See links below.

Some of you may be wondering what exactly is transhumanism and who are the WEF? The Swiss-based World Economic Forum is a lobbying organization including over 2500 world top leaders and decision-makers from government, business, and civil society who come together annually to discuss global strategies for the planet. One definition of transhumanism is the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology. Notice the mention only of physical and mental, and leaving out the spiritual side of humanity. This technology will no doubt try to replace the spiritual, this plan confirmed by Yuval Noah Harari, a lecturer at the WEF. He discusses in more detail in the video link below.

Now, to the point of my writing. It fascinates me that the WEF lobbyists are planning to replicate with artificial intelligence (AI) what we can already do ourselves as we rise in consciousness by accessing divine intelligence (DI). Our potential is endless without AI. As our faith/vibrational frequency/level of consciousness ascend, so does our power to create new or different. We have the potential to do every miracle that Jesus performed and more as we rise in faith. This was a promise he made to us.

“Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these...” – Jesus, John 14:12. For the folks who do not believe these words pertain to us in our timeline, then you are correct. They only pertain to those who believe and have faith in his words in any timeline.

Transhumanism is touted to allow us to do many things, some of which are time travel, download data, upload data, pinpoint disease, enhance our 5 senses, life longevity, etc. Again, a replica.... As we ascend in faith, so will the potential of miracles and endless possibilities on all levels (physical, mental, spiritual). Jesus was able to superhumanly appear and disappear in situations. We could say he time-travelled throughout different time lines throughout the bible; He healed the sick; he may have downloaded a language or two if he felt the need. He may have moved mountains if he chose to. In higher frequencies, the body heals itself, disease is gone. Do you ever remember reading of Jesus being physically ill or diseased? In a 3 Dimensional (3D) world, we depend on physicans; whereas, in higher levels of consciousness (such as 6D), we are whole and complete. Remember, nothing is impossible unless we think it is. Our level of belief in our greater power source determines our level of consciousness.

We are all made in God’s image in that we are all creators of our individual worlds by our thoughts/beliefs, words, and actions. We either intentionally or unintentionally create our world around us. The higher we rise in frequency/faith, the more we can intentionally create, with the unwavering belief that whatever we request, will be manifested (or greater, never less than). Because we are requesting through this higher source, God, our power source, receives the glory and credit, not our human egos.

Perhaps we could say that we live in a 3D world for the most part… a physical and mental world that connects with our five senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell. Those who are spiritually aware ascend into 4D where we begin to feel God’s love/light frequency and the spiritual third eye begins to open (Luke 11:34). As we continue to rise in faith, we come into 5D where we dwell in the love frequency. This is where Jesus wants us to dwell, to feel the joy and love he felt (John 15:11). It cannot be felt in the lower dimensions where hate, anger, war, abuse, and crime are manifested.

We all may agree on the benefits of technology in our world. Technology is great…when used for good. I use it everyday.....too much perhaps. But we know it can also be used for ill. We have seen this with the now undisputed lab technology creation of the Covid-19 virus, perhaps used to launch the WEF Agenda 2030, created to breed fear to justify certain procedures on humanity, which lead to other processes to coerce us to become more manageable for our leaders to control. The good news is that God/Source/Universe has used what was meant for our ill and turned it for our good. I believe that the planet is so much more spiritually aware now than we were 3 years ago because of what we witnessing playing out around us.

Our grandson and his three 10-year-old friends came for a sleepover recently. I was curious when I saw the boys playing Hide-N-Seek with his drone. The boy who was “It” never left the couch, while the others hid all over the house. The drone would search the house to find the hiders, snap a photo, and they would have to come out of hiding. The boys had fun with this technology. Again, this technology example is a simulation of what a human can already do in 3D. Just imagine our potential as we ascend into higher frequencies such as 4D or 5D or even 6D. Our brain and mind are powerful enough on their own as we learn to use them in different ways as we rise higher in consciousness. I have been following some of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s research work in neuroscience, connecting it with human consciousness. Fascinating stuff. As we learn to tap into the universal flow that God intended for us for higher living, health, and healing, the potential is endless. In higher levels of consciousness, we tap into our inner knowing, and knowledge becomes inexhaustible (abundant).

Transhumanism with AI fused into our body may sound cool (says my 10-year-old grandson), but cannot in any way be compared with our spiritual rising via divine intelligence, which is limitless and pure. We are ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ and have the potential to move mountains. Remember, the elite who control the digital grid are the same ones who ultimately control the humans attached to the grid, as free will is not a part of their program. They want us soulless. AI implanted into people is a global human management initiative as well as a wanna-be-unlimited-too program but in an artificial way. We organically already have the unlimited potential to reach higher dimensions, which is the real thing that these elite want to simulate without going through the spiritual route of faith and belief through a higher power. They want to be that power, to replace God (as per WEF Dr. Harari’s video below). Their pursuit is to reach higher dimensions through technology, certainly not by surrendering to the divine power source. They will never reach their expectations, because nothing or no one can compare with God and what he has planned for us as we trust him and tap into this unlimited power. We do not need their AI, peeps. We are the real thing.

My guess is that each of us are going to have to make a decision very soon. No longer will it be considered godly or christian-like to stay on the couch with the reasoning that God is in control, so all is well; therefore, I don't have to make a decision, so I will just do as my government tells me. After all, why would God allow this? The answer may be SO WE WILL STAND UP. If we are still uttering those questions, we are copping out, justifying not making a choice. This is our time to stand... be a David, be a Daniel, be an Esther. We are living in exciting biblical times for those who choose to get up off the couch. If we don't rise up now, consider ourselves going down the assembly line path these elites have laid out for the masses.... transhumanism. This is coffee shop talk now.

What is my point, in conclusion? Explore your own God-given potential. Go deeper. The secret (Kingdom) is within us. Learn to intentionally create your world. Choose to keep your free will and sovereignty, not hand it over to an AI grid and the elites who control it. The possibilities are endless as we learn to tap into this limitless power source within us. Divine intelligence is so much more superior to artificial intelligence, which is just a wanna-be. The only limits we have on our potential are what we put on ourselves. If we think we have already arrived spiritually, then we know very little. Everything we need to rise with is within reach of everyone of us. Faith is power. We are in a spiritual warfare for humanity, my friends. Let’s not give our power away. Remember, nothing is impossible unless we think it is.

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