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The Launch!

Here I am writing again, approximately one year after penning the book! I promised my publisher that I would start a blog, so here goes!

Our local Chapters/Indigo here in Alberta hosted my book launch at the end of August 2016, selling out of its stock! I was happy for them because they took a bit of a risk taking me on. What surprised me the most at the book launch was how many people opened up to me, a complete stranger to them. I talked with an ex-convict who shared with me his innermost struggles and thoughts while incarcerated. A pastor shared with me the struggles within his congregation and with his family members. A woman despaired over her unsuccessful marriages and relationship issues. A middle aged man expressed his concern over his chronically depressed mother and sister. So many life questions! Such great discussions! I was thrilled when a young father, who bought my book weeks earlier, brought it in for signing. The book looked as ragged and worn out as a one hundred year old book! He had read through it many times and had a list of questions for me. He was definitely one of my main highlights of the day!

My publisher officially launched the book in Philadelphia at the Hay House ICanDoIt Conference 2016 in September. This was such an awesome introduction into the literary world. I have to admit, it was kind of cool rubbing shoulders with some famous Hay House health and wellness authors like Dr. Christiane Northrup, Kris Carr, neuroscience gurus Dr. Joe Dispenza and Gregg Braden, Anita Moorjani and more. It was fun getting in on some of their workshops, too.

I met some amazing people in Philadelphia. In particular, I had dinner with a physician one evening who came to the conference hoping to find answers on how to teach her patients to meet her half way. So many of them come to her wanting a quick fix without making any lifestyle changes. She felt there was an urgency for people to take responsibility for their own health and wellness, as medical doctors can only do so much. She wanted to teach her patients to look more internally and less externally for answers. How do you teach that? Her quest was the very thing that inspired me to write the book a year ago. Some have asked me what motivated me in the first place.

What was my inspiration? Our son, of course! I am so glad that he was not content to settle for anything less than getting to the bottom of the real issue for his anxiety and fears. Even though we sought for answers externally at first, we were re-directed back to the internal world of thoughts and beliefs. We watched a miracle take place before our eyes as he learned the power of thought and speech. He went from being a reactive victim of his world to a proactive creator. He went from lack to abundance on all levels.

I guess this still doesn't explain why I wrote the book. Sure, our family learned a lot, and gratitude became very much a part of our lives, but why did I actually write a book? Simply put, I was inspired and the inspiration would not go away. I wrestled with it, though, wrestled big time! Who am I to write this? How will others judge me and the book? I was probably my own biggest judge!

For those of you who have read the book, you will know that I talk a lot about flow and synchronicity. When we are in harmony with our inner guidance, then we will generally know flow in everyday experiences. When we hit resistance over and over, perhaps it is a gentle reminder to get back on track or to re-think our position. When I finally came to terms with going ahead with the book, everything began to flow once again. The publisher called me... I did not call him. For two solid weeks, content poured out of me. The editing/publishing process went seamlessly with zero resistance. Next thing I knew, I was in Philadelphia debuting the book!

I cannot talk about Philadelphia without mentioning Johan. He is my number one fan, I'm sure! lol.

He stood in line the first day, then he came back the next day with few more books for me to sign. I guess he had read a few chapters overnight and felt very inspired by it. Not only did he tell me that he now knows that I was the reason he came to the conference, but he also said that my book helped bring the scriptures to life for him. Anytime I can help turn someone to his source of truth and guidance, then it makes it all worthwhile. Who knows where it could lead him? Little did he know what an inspiration he was to me.

A definite highlight of Philadelphia was meeting Dr. Joe Dispenza. I refer to his neuroscience research in the book often. It was fun to chat personally with him about some of the latest brain research confirming the power of thought on a scientific level. It was also cool to meet Mr. Hay House Publisher himself, Reid Tracy, and personally hand him a signed copy of the book.

I want to briefly mention my time in Toronto at the Word on the Street Canadian Literary Festival in late September. First, here are a few photos...

This event hosted Canadian authors of all genres, along with 150,000+ perusing potential readers. Again, some great discussions with individuals. This was a very eager crowd. All the books disappeared in half the time that was allotted to me. That is always a good sign.

Some of my readers have asked where they can generate some discussion topics to discuss on a forum. I haven't totally decided on the best vehicle for this. Perhaps some of you may have some ideas. In the meantime, feel free to email me at with a topic(s) or question(s) for discussion, and I can bring it up anonymously on a future blog or on my FB author page.

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