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In light of the black lives matter protests and riots going on right now, some of you have asked me to comment on it from a spiritual or energetic perspective. Someone else asked why I was keeping silent on social media about the social injustice towards blacks and not out there protesting.

Without getting caught up in the good/bad guys racism drama, I will try to speak to this issue from the perspective of energy attraction. Here are a few universal energy laws that no one is exempt from...

1. We attract what we believe we are - We can argue about this all we want, but it does not change this science... Like atoms attract like atoms. We reap what we sow. Negativity attracts more negativity. Positivity attracts more positivity. The more thankful we are, the more we will have to be thankful for. The more fearful we are, the more we will have to be fearful of. It works both ways. The higher our level of consciousness (the more we trust in a power greater than ourselves), the more we will attract/create the world we desire. Our beliefs create our world. I think most of us agree on this principle. We are who we believe we are.

"As a man thinks in his heart, so is he..." Proverbs 23:7.

Racism, like any hate, is a dark low vibrating energy within the perpetuator and the recipient both, which can simmer to a boil, affecting others within range. This is how mobs of hate are formed. Because even the receiver of the hate is subject to this universal law of attraction/vibration, he must also be aware that he is responsible for what he is attracting into his world by his own energy emitted. Since life is a mirror, what is inside of us will be projected out into our physical world.

Hear me out... Statistics show us that the majority of black deaths are committed by their own people. In fact, 40 blacks were shot by their own in Chicago (including children) on Memorial Day weekend 2020. The reason I mention this is not to condemn or judge, but to explain that there is obviously an energy issue within the black community. Why are these beautiful people attracting this horror into their lives? Is it because most blacks, certainly not all, have deep-rooted beliefs of who they believe they are based on who they were in the past (slaves)? Candace Owens, black Political Commentator, said, "I think our biggest problem is us! We have got to start loving and honoring ourselves as a people." Note that she didn't say Racism's biggest problem is us. The racists among us are responsible for their own energy emitted. Those who promote racism have their own deep-rooted identity issues and are vibrating in a very dangerous space. We can legislate against them, but it will not change their own negative energy within them.

For real change to happen, the blacks must individually break from their own chains of bondage of who they believe they are, based on who their ancestors were and learn to love and embrace who they really are. Who are they really? They are beautiful beings of love, like us all, handcrafted by the Master artist. He wants to raise us all up vibrationally out of this hell hole of racism to experience a life of joy and acceptance that can only be felt in a higher level of consciousness.

I believe there is a danger of the blacks labelling themselves as victims of their past. When we take on the label of victim, then we immediately give our power away. True empowerment to make change comes with personal accountability. If we believe that we are a victim, then so we must be, since we are who we believe we are. Victimhood will be the level of consciousness we vibrate in, which will only attract more of the same. To take on that label, then there must be someone else to blame for where we are in life which then leaves our power in the hands of other people. We become dependent on others for our happiness and well-being. Taking 100% ownership for everything that happens in our lives, gives us 100% empowerment to choose something greater or different. I applaud those blacks who stand up and demand change peacefully, but only because they know and believe they are worthy, not to speak out for the purpose of blaming and shaming others. The latter only adds fuel to the fire. We can do our part in showing kindness and support to all, but we cannot solve the identity issues within the black community. That is their individual journey.

The bible tells the story of a runaway slave who heads to Rome, finds faith, then goes back to his master, Philemon. They have a beautiful mutual love and respect reconciliation. He left as a slave but came back as a brother. Philemon didn't change. The slave, Onesimus, was the one who had changed. He changed how he viewed himself. He no longer defined himself by his external circumstances or by how others viewed him. After experiencing the high vibration of God's love, he no longer saw himself as a victim, but as the loving soul that he was. This changed his world and how he viewed the world. My guess is the blacks amongst us who are the most comfortable in their own skin are the ones who have a measure of faith... are vibrating at a higher level of consciousness. How can we honor and respect the beautiful being that we are until we know who God is, the one who created us? When we love and value ourselves, we love and value others, and we attract amazing wonderful experiences into our lives.

2. What we resist will persist - What we focus on and give energy to will expand, whether it is good or bad. Morgan Freeman (an American black actor and filmmaker) said, "How are we going to get rid of racism? Stop talking about it!". Instead, talk about inclusion of all people (positive spin). The more we focus and try to resist racism by talking/protesting/rioting about it, the more it will persist. That's just how energy works, folks. It is far more effective energetically to speak out FOR (positive intention) what you want, rather than to fight AGAINST (resistance) what you don't want. Women won the right to vote in 1940 by speaking out FOR the right to vote (positive) instead of speaking out against suppression (negative energy). Instead of putting too much focus on racism, perhaps we ought to put the focus on inclusion, love, acceptance, and get that energy going, which will eventually have a ripple effect.

Once again, be aware of where you put your focus and energy. If worrying is a form of praying for what we don't want, then think about what we might be attracting by putting our focus on resisting racism. We might actually be attracting the very thing we want to repel. Rather, let's choose inclusion, love, and compassion.

We've all seen the video of the two little boys running towards each other, then hugging each other with delight. Neither was focused on race or skin color. Their focus was on their friendship, their joy of being together, their joy of living. Children don't put labels on people until they are taught to. They see each other as beings without sticky labels all over them. When faith/trust/love is absent (higher vibration), then ego judgment rules in all of us and we slap labels on people. If we are not judging blacks, whites, police officers, genders, religions, it will be someone/something else. It is ALL human ego judgment, even though our own judgment seems so righteous to us. If we are looking at someone and not feeling love/compassion towards them, then it is of the ego. Looking at someone through the eye of faith is also looking at them through the eye of love/compassion. Look inward. You are an individual being, not lumped in with a race or group.

3. We see what we believe - (not believe what we see). A case in point... I flip back and forth between left and right media, just so I am aware of what's going on around me in a somewhat balanced way. I saw one video that went viral of a man with a red MAGA hat running after a Uber car with a black man driving. The headline was, "Racist Trump supporter chasing a black man out of town". Then I saw the same footage in the right wing media which claimed, "Trump supporter helps push free an Uber driver stuck in snow". Which view is accurate? Not my judgment to make. My point is that we see what we believe. Even though the facts may be the same, it is our ego perception of those facts that roll out of us. Another example, take a look at this chart link. This can make a case for racism towards blacks by police, or racism towards whites by police, or towards Hispanics, or no racism at all. We will see exactly what we believe.

I was intrigued when someone told me he stopped listening to Candace Owen's video when she said that black racism does not exist for her, when it so clearly exists for other blacks. I believe that is her truth. Why does Candace not feel it when others do? Because she knows who she is. She is not defined by her ancestral past. She creates her world and has chosen racism to not be a part of it. Racism is a dark energy. If we are vibrating in that dark space, then we will feel it, we will see it, or we will be it. Why would we ever choose that space? We cannot control it if others around us are in that space, but we can monitor our own space. If you don't like the space where you are, then change your beliefs. Life is a mirror... you are seeing what you are believing. This is not about turning a blind eye to what is, but rather one person at a time rising to a higher state of consciousness which will affect others around us. We can do our part to help support love and inclusion.

How do we change our beliefs so we feel more love around us and less hate? We can only think, feel, or believe at the level of consciousness where we reside. So, the answer on how to change our beliefs is to raise your level of consciousness to where new thoughts and new beliefs will download. How do you raise your level of consciousness? That is your individual journey to figure it out. I give some starting points in my book where I go into some detail on where to begin to raise your level of consciousness (faith) to create your world, instead of believing you are a victim of it.

What is the answer to racism then? The answer is inside every one of us, whether we are black or white, or any other color. Every human is subject to the universal energy laws. What are we attracting into our world? Inward change doesn't happen by creating external laws, but by supporting each other and internally rising to a higher level of consciousness, trusting in that higher power (whatever word you feel most comfortable with... God, Universe, Source, Spirit, etc.) that can raise us up to new heights of living, love, and liberty, for one and then for all. It starts with each individual, then will have a ripple effect outwards. What a wonderful world it would be if we all looked at each other (and at ourselves) through this amazing lens of love. Go deep, people! Go deep!

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