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The Power of the Present Moment (NOW)

Happy 2017 to all of you! A brand new year brings a brand new clean slate for each of us. What would it take for each of us to be proactive and follow our inspirations to choose experiences that would add to our overall abundance and greater purpose, one moment at a time, day after day?

No doubt you have been asked what your New Year's Resolutions are. I like how one of my son's friends answered this question. She said, "My resolution is to follow my inspirations daily and see where that leads me." How does this equate to being proactive? Is this not just being whimsical or fickle?

All we have within our power to work with is NOW, the present moment. The past NOWS have gone. The future NOWS are not here yet. What decision can I make in this moment that can add to my life in a positive way? What inspires me right NOW?

Where does inspiration come from? How do I recognize it when it comes? Inspiration comes from deep within us... from our soul guidance. It is non-emotional and keeps reappearing in the form of a 'gut' feeling or intuition, unlike our fickle ego emotions which come and go and are up and down. Inspiration and reason only come to us when we are present in the NOW. Stresses and depression often come when we are HERE but wishing we were THERE (referencing past or future). When we can accept the present moment for what it is (if not within our power to change it), as if we have chosen it, then it is impossible to be stressed or depressed. For when we are present in the NOW with acceptance, we are not 'thinking with our emotional mind', because we are now BEING. It is when we are BEING, that we can connect with our Creator who resides in the present moment, the one eternal NOW.

One son asked me to help him with a 5-year goal setting plan. Now that he has completed university and is working full time, he thought he would set up some future goals. Where does he want to be in 5 years? My suggestion was that he take it one day at a time... what inspires him NOW, and see where it leads him. Opportunities show up every day; we might want to tune in to see which ones to take. They will feel light, intuitively right, and will resonate with us. When we are present in the NOW and aware of our inspirations, then we will be able to easily recognize opportunity as it arrives and move forward.

Why not set life goals or resolutions? Doesn't this pave for the way for our goals to materialize? I am all for business goal setting and strategy planning within an organization. However, I think we must be careful when we set personal life goals too far off into the future without flexibility. One reason is that we might have blinders on and miss out on an opportunity that is right for us in the present moment. Another reason might be that the goal we choose might not be what is best for us.... chosen from ego instead of soul guidance. Writing a book was never one of my life goals. It came into existence as I followed my inspirations one moment at a time, day after day.

What if we try to live each moment as if our goals have already been achieved, not still way off into the future? If you read my book or are familiar with the universal law of vibration, then you may understand that the key to achieving a goal is to visualize and feel what it is you desire, as if you have already received it. Like vibrations will attract.

So, what will you create on your clean slate this year? Tune in, move forward on your inspirations and may 2017 be your most exciting year yet!

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