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The Power of Focus

The energy law of vibration states that what we focus on will expand and what we resist will persist. I think most of us can agree that the more we focus on our goals, the greater chance there is of those goals being realized. This also works the same way in the negative sense. The more we focus on our worries and fears, the more those worries and fears will expand to create more worries and fears, and the greater chance there is of having them realized. Where are you focused? What consumes you?

Are you focused on trying to lose weight? Do you feel like you are fighting a never-ending battle? Trying to lose weight is actually a negative focus. It may attract more of the same type of battle because what we resist will persist. Are we resisting our weight or resisting who we are? What if we were to switch the focus to the affirmative... to nutrition and exercise for the sake of greater health instead of for the purpose of losing weight? As we fully embrace health and wellness, this will expand, and the pounds will come off by default.

This law works the same way with sickness and illness. Does sickness consume us? Do we find ourselves visiting the doctor way too often? As we focus on wellness, wholeness, and nutrition, we will most likely find ourselves going to the doctor less and less. Of course there will be exceptions (genetics, etc). If you are diagnosed with cancer or another disease, try not to let it define you. Accept the present moment for what it is, seek treatment if you will, but try not to let your ailment or treatment of it become your primary focus. What we resist will keep persisting, so acceptance is the first step before we can even attempt to change our focus. Instead of searching the internet to find out all there is to know about this type of illness and how to fix it, it might be more effective to focus on what we want to have expanded in our lives.

Do we focus on having too little money, or are we thankful for the money we do have? Are we worried about not being able to pay all our bills? Or, are we thankful for the bills that we can pay? If we are thankful for what we do have and keep our focus there, then that can only expand. Pretty soon we might find that we will have more to be thankful for. What we focus on says a lot about our belief system of who we think we are. This concept of focus is more than just positive thinking. I like to call it proactive being. I expand on this in my recently published book.

Our focused energy expands beyond ourselves to others. Is it possible that Donald Trump came into his power because of this same vibrational energy law? Those who love him and hate him have put equal focus on him.. positive or negative. Perhaps his haters would have had more success in the 2016 election if they focused their passion on promoting Hillary instead of on resisting Trump. Remember, what we focus on will expand! Are the marches, resistance, and protests actually giving him more power and expansion? Perhaps he would hold less power if people turned their focus elsewhere... Hmmm...

What the wicked dreads will come upon him, but the desire of the righteous will be granted. - Proverbs 10:24 ESV

I wonder if wicked in this verse could mean fearful. This scripture does seem to reiterate that we are creators of our world, so what we focus on will be created, positive or negative. We will either attract what we dread or create what we desire. The key is where we choose to focus.

Once we grasp this concept of focus and start using it to create our world, magical things begin to happen. We choose what we want to expand and call it into existence in our lives. Wow! How does it get any better than that?

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