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The power of accountability...

One of my readers came up to me at a funeral service recently expressing her gratitude on how my book helped her finally understand that she was actually the creator of the mess happening in her world, and not a victim of it. She had always blamed everyone else for where she was in life. Now she takes full responsibility for what happens, and is empowered to shift her thinking to create a life that she never thought possible. Empowerment comes when we are in accountability mode, not in victim mode.

A mother wondered if her adult daughter should go to Victim Services for counselling after her daughter left an abusive relationship. I cringed at the title of that agency. Perhaps a better name might be Empowerment Services, if the agency or counselor truly empowers and inspires the individual to choose a healthy life path, rather than reinforce her current 'victimization'. If we believe we are a 'victim', then so we must be, and we may attract more experiences in our life to reinforce that belief. "For as he thinks in his heart, so is he." Proverbs 23:7.

Life is a mirror. The energy or vibes we send out will come back to us in some form. "A man reaps what he sows." Galations 6:7 NIV. This is a universal vibration law, which is as sure as the law of gravity. Life does not happen TO us. It happens THROUGH us. Nothing can come into our life unless it comes out of us first being activated by our consciousness on some level. The world cannot add anything to us, but it also cannot take anything away. All it can be is a canvas on which we paint our masterpiece, or a mirror within which we receive feedback. Of itself, our world around us is a projection of our own perception. All that happens in our life can be traced back to our inner world of thoughts and beliefs. In other words, what's at play here is the universal law of cause and effect.

What if I am not at cause? What if something randomly bad happens to me like getting fired from a job, cancer, or an accident? Whether or not we can trace these things back to us being "at cause", perceived 'bad' things may happen to us all from time to time which may seem beyond our control. These hard experiences are a wonderful opportunity to move forward and upwards to a higher consciousness (faith). We have a choice to use these situations as a learning stepping stone to a more inspired life, or we can use them to justify a life of misery and anger. It is our choice. If 'bad' things continue to happen over and over then, perhaps, we are not quick learners and need to examine our own belief system and the vibrations we are sending out which are attracting these experiences. Take ownership of what is happening in your life. It is only then that you can use the power that comes with accountability to create something different.

Someone asked, "What about the #MeToo movement that began in Hollywood and then spread across to the global workplace?" Are these women not victims? Kudos to the women who chose not to become a 'victim' to these men in higher power. These women were empowered to say "NO" and choose an alternative path to further their careers. Even the women who did succumb to the men in order to get ahead in their careers cannot rightly call themselves 'victims'. Some were volunteers who made a choice which co-created their own end result. Should it not be a red flag when you are invited to a producer's hotel room for an interview? What we put up with, we end up with! We are at cause to what happens in our own lives. These men now are made publicly accountable for their actions, thanks to the women who chose not to put up with their predatory blackmail.

I understand that this blog may offend some of you. Some of us may like to play the 'victim' because it justifies a life of inaction and mediocrity at best. For those who are honest, I hope it will inspire and empower you to choose a life of purpose and meaning. Empowerment only comes when we take charge with full accountability for our own life. If we consider ourselves a victim, then we remain powerless and forever in victimhood, until we come to understand that our destiny depends on us and not anyone else. If it's to be, it's up to me! Be accountable and own your own power! Don't give it away!

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