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A New Year: A time of reflection...

Happy belated New Year 2019, my friends! This post will be a bit of a departure from my usual posts, but maybe for this one time only.

For some of you who have read my previous blog posts or my book may wonder if I actually practice what I preach... Well, I guess we will see in 2019! I certainly have some decision-making to do this year, so I guess we'll see how well I use the tools myself!

It has been two years since my book, The Laws of the Universe and the Bible: A Practical Guide to Abundant Living, was published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House. What a journey! I had no idea what to expect once it hit the shelves. My publisher had made it clear to me that he will put my book on the shelves, but it is up to me to make sure it gets off the shelves! He strongly encouraged me to go with a publicist, someone who will work with me to promote the book, line up interviews, book signings and conference tours, etc. I wasn't quite ready for that, so I rejected his offer of a publicist. After all, my purpose in writing the book wasn't about making it to the New York Times Best Sellers List (which is probably not what a publisher wants to hear). I wrote it because an inspiration came and wouldn't leave, no matter how hard I tried to ignore it.

Having said this, the book signing offers and radio, magazine interviews did come, but at my own pace, in my own way, and what I was comfortable with. In the past year or so, the book was showcased at various events in Philadelphia, Toronto, Tucson, Los Angeles, Phoenix, as well as locally in western Canada.... and it was kind of cool to be interviewed on Hay House radio.

However, forget the glamorous book signing events and interviews, what always brings a tear of joy to my eye are the private messages that I get from you, my dear readers! I have met some of the most amazing people online from all over the world (UK, Australia, especially USA, Paraguay, Brazil, Denmark, Scotland, Netherlands and, of course, Canada) who inspire me in ways I can't even begin to describe. You share with me your personal stories or those of a loved one, and how you are now living your life on purpose and with gratitude, after picking up a nugget or two from the book.

For some of you, my message in the book is nothing new... I just explain it in a different language, to encourage and inspire you to do more of what you are already doing, just at a deeper level. Every time I hear from you, it humbles me, and fills me with an indescribable joy. It never gets old, so thank you! A special big "hug" to you Americans! I love your raw honesty, your boldness to share and ask questions, and your courage to move forward with your new awareness and readiness.

Now I have to make some decisions as to the future direction of the book. Here are a few options on the table...

1. New publishing contract - My contract with my current publisher is up for renewal as we speak. I have to decide to renew or go with another publisher. I have had a few other potential publishers contact me with different offers. Somehow they seem to know that my contract is up. If I switch, this would be the time to make any changes... so a minor edit of the book is in the cards this year, I think.

2. Translate the book into different languages - I have been asked to seriously consider translating the book, specifically into the Spanish and Portuguese languages.

3. Sequel book - One gal was re-reading my book and taking notes, while trying to make a plan to apply the tools for her practical use. She was feeling a bit frustrated trying to set this up, so she approached me and asked me if I would consider making a sequel book, but this time making it an exercise workbook, which would help the reader become more accountable to using the tools and exercises described in the original book.

4. Audio Book - This was a primary goal this year for me. However, I still haven't taken the time to research the potential publishers enough to make a decision as to who to go with. This must be first, the minor edit is second, then the audio book is third. Several readers have asked for the audio. Sorry I'm not on top of that yet, guys!

5. Facilitate Workshops - I attended a book signing event at the Alberta Teachers' Association Conference and was asked if I would consider facilitating workshops for parents/teachers who deal with kids who struggle with anxiety and depression and teach them how to create something different. I have been doing this in a coaching format already, so this would be taking it to a higher level with a group. This could be in the cards for 2019...

All of the these options seem a bit overwhelming to think about at this point, based on the personal and professional projects I have on the go right now... mainly building a new home out on our ranch as we speak, while meeting the ever increasing demands of our international people/organizational development business!

How will I know how to move forward with the book? As always, I will follow with what resonates with me at the time (what feels light and right). I believe doors will open when they are supposed to, as long as I am asking the right questions, sending out the right vibes, acting on inspirations as they come, and then trusting the process. What actually shows up may be something totally different than what I think, so the key is for me being aware and open to all possibilities. My 'gut' will guide me in 2019, not the best marketing strategies nor popular opinion/trends.

Anyway, send me luck (or positive energy)! I hope your year will be amazing, too!

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