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The power of free thinking...

This blog post is a bit of a departure from the usual tone and style of my previous posts. Bear with me …. unusual times requires the unusual. Here goes!

One of my pet peeves, especially lately, is how highly rated a college/university degree is portrayed to be in politics and mainstream media, even to the point where opinions from those with less education are deemed irrelevant. Often in my news feed, I will see stats, articles, and posts put up which show one political party being deemed more intelligent than another because of the higher education level percentage of its electorate. Yet, the surprising thing to me is that this educated group of people actually promote more government control of the very institutions and freedoms that the people have always held very sacred.

My own four children are university educated, all having a degree or two, so I am not against further education obviously. However, I question the thought out there that those who have a university education are more qualified to make decisions for those who do not. In other words, what they are saying is the people (voters) do not know what is best for themselves, so let the government and/or the educated powers-that-be decide for them. Vaccinate them all because, otherwise, some might choose not to; digitize the people with a computer chip to keep track of their movements, health, vaccinations, all for the greater good, of course (this is already tested in the military); take away their guns/personal protection in case the wrong person gets hurt; tax soda pop to help the poor make better choices, etc. In simple terms, they believe the public is dumbed down. So many of we-the-people are playing into their hands, especially the well-intention altruistic youth, the elderly, the sick, and the fearful.

Owning a gun does not defile me (I personally don't own one, nor do I care to - my choice). If I kill someone, the gun sure isn't the problem. Defilement comes from inside us, not from external sources. Change and healing must happen from the inside out, not the outside in. Dr. Fauci, Director of NIAID, and his team are focused on using external control sources to try to mitigate this COVID-19 virus... testing, quarantine, and vaccination, instead of encouraging people to focus on building up their inner immune system. A healthy immune system (and a good set of lungs) is the winning ticket to fighting this virus, and most people understand this. However, we do not hear these powerful professionals promoting this. Why? Because then the people would not feel the need for these external controls. Free-thinking physicians are mocked and shut down on social media when they promoted Vitamin C, D, selenium, and sunshine to build up the immune system.

It was a pleasure to come across Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, Scientist, Immunology Specialist. Dr. Shiva, a man with four university degrees, was asked this question by David Wolfe, a Health & Well-being author, "How is it that a man so highly educated can be so free-thinking?" This matter of free-thinking was my light bulb moment. Free-thinking is what is missing from most of these elite groups. Dr. Shiva answers Wolfe's question in the video below...very insightful.

It almost seems like the more education we get, the less free-thinking there is. Whether we want to believe it or not, indoctrination does take place very subtly, some universities and faculties more so than others, as well as some countries more than others. We could see the extent of it coming from prestigious American law schools during the President Impeachment hearings this year. It was interesting to listen to the Harvard law professors tooting their own professional horns to gain credibility for a case in which they were not even privy to. No one knows for sure why they were even involved in the impeachment hearings... but I think it may have had something to do with the prestigious academia pomp and circumstance, along with the distinguished letters behind their names. I'm still scratching my head over that one. Perhaps the public was supposed to be wowed with their credentials, and bow to their narrative.

I questioned my son, who is also a lawyer, to see if that kind of pro-government power-over-the-people elitism indoctrination took place in Canadian law schools and other professional disciplines. He said, "Yes, subtly, but far more so in the US". He was aware of it, but he had a pretty solid established base, so it didn't affect him. He is as free-thinking as it gets!

In the video at the bottom, Dr. Shiva shows us an interesting and informative perspective of the status quo educated medical establishment in America, and explains how physicians really are victimized by their lack of free-thinking allowability. He suggests that most medical students go into the discipline with good intentions, but become confined within the current curriculum of reductionism methodology, which is influenced by big pharma. If your patient has this problem, then give them this drug. If they have that problem, then give them this other drug. Instead of dealing holistically with the patient, they are taught to drill down (reductionism) to treat the organ or body part in question in isolation. This worked great during wartime when this methodology was initiated, led by Florence Nightingale during the Crimean war in the mid 1800's. Treat the problem the quickest way possible to get the soldier patient back out onto the battle field. This system still works great for sickness and crisis management in our day, but not so much for wellness or prevention. Physicians in other countries (Europe) have free-will and free-thinking to extend their boundaries and work closely with naturopaths and alternative practitioners for the best interests of their patients. This is not the case in North America. Physicians are given a narrow brain thought path to maneuver within without risking their medical licenses.